Doing an internship is a common way to build up experiences and gain new skills in your respective career of choice. Usually, internships are done by undergraduate students or fresh graduates who want to experience working in the field. Most of them will look around their area for an internship, unaware of the opportunities to do an international internship instead. Doing an internship abroad has many more benefits than doing a local internship. Here are a few of those benefits.

Build independence

An international internship offers you independence that differs from studying abroad. When you study abroad, you can still stay at the campus dorms and are tied to an academic schedule. You have student services to help you out with any problems. When you’re doing an internship abroad, it is similar to working abroad. You are completely on your own, and no institution is going to help you. You will gain independence by managing your time and money to survive living on your own in a new country.

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Multicultural environment

Companies that accept international interns often have a very multicultural working environment. There might be a lot of expats working in the company or other international interns. You will experience working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and this will increase your soft skills. You will learn new things every day from people that are unique, and you can also share your culture with them.

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Impressive work experience

The biggest benefit is that you’ll be able to put this experience in your resume and curriculum vitae. A lot of companies nowadays look for applicants that have studied abroad, but doing an internship abroad tops that. They will know that you can work in challenging new environments, that you are independent and must be good at communicating if you can survive an internship abroad. They will also know that you have English or a second-language fluency if you work in a country that doesn’t use your mother tongue.

An international internship might seem like a huge investment since you’ll have to pay for plane tickets and the living cost. However, a lot of companies will pay you a sufficient amount of your internship. You can research how much the average living cost is and find a paid internship opportunity that can cover those living costs. It also helps to discuss this with a friend that is already living in that country or the company and gain useful insight on how to manage the mone there.…

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