Productivity can mean a lot of things. To students, the word will be associated with how much information they can memorize, and how sharp their analytical thinking is. To professionals, productivity will lead them to think about profits, workflow efficiency, and networking.

Here, we will discuss productivity in general because the ideas that we are exploring intersect both academic and business fields.

Adjusting Yourself with Mobile Workflow

mindmapping businessThese days, companies have begun to leave the outdated style of permanent office settlement. With the advanced development of IT (Information Technology), workers can submit their works without having to stay in an office. Consequently, a mobile workflow will be the future of all companies.

In your case, you have to adapt to the style as soon as possible. If you have already had a permanent job, you should use your spare time to get involved in other productive projects. For example, you can look for a position on portals like Crunch Board, Startup Agents, The Muse, and Venture Loop. You need to make sure that the project pays well and looks good on your portfolio.

Whenever you need a workplace for your project, you can use the co-working space in your area. As an example, let’s assume you are currently traveling to San Fransisco on behalf of your primary employer. There, you can search for a place to work in SF, and you will get the list of available coworking spaces in the area. Pick the one with the highest review rate and finish your secondary project there.

Optimizing the Cloud

using a cloud storageIn order to have an efficient mobile workflow, you must be accustomed to cloud service. Microsoft, Dropbox, and Google have their cloud services that enable people to store, share, and edit data in the cloud. Their existence nearly makes in-house storage servers obsolete.

Employers usually have their unique preference on which cloud storage is used for their projects. However, in your case, having a business account on each of those three cloud providers is compulsory. Microsoft has approximately 1.2 billion users worldwide, and their cloud service, One Drive, integrates flawlessly with the most popular data processing programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Google has Google Drive that works efficiently with Gmail. Dropbox has been the oldest cloud in service. And your employers are most likely to have already been using it.

Becoming More Proactive

public speakingThis section may seem like an abstract discussion, but it is not. Being proactive correlates strongly with network establishment. Everyone in the business world will prefer to work with a proactive person rather than a reactive one.

First, any volunteer programs are your best gateways to show how proactive you are. For example, free tech design contests for environmental causes are plenty these days. Getting involved in one of those shows how your vision in business is not only about profits but also sustainability. Whether you win or not, your goal is to build your reputation in the field.…

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