If you’re not a psychology major, or you’ve never studied about human resources and management, then you probably don’t know what factors affect your interview. You might only think that they’ll only consider your working experience, and that’s it. This is a misconception, and people should know what affects their job interview results. Here are a few things that the interviewer will judge you about during the interview.

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Knowledge about the company

Interviewers will want to know if you’re familiar with what their company does and how they work. They will often ask you about what you know about the company and give you case studies related to the company’s past. This is why it’s always recommended for you to research the company before doing the interview. You should also do the effort of finding someone from the inside to let you know about the inner workings of the company. During the interview, knowing more is always better, as this will impress your interviewer.


The way you answer lets the interviewer know whether or not you are ready for the job. If you answer with a lot of hesitation, they might think that you haven’t prepared well for the interview and think that you’re ignorant. Or, they might think that you lack the knowledge and skills for the interview. You should answer every question directly and honestly, with ultimate confidence. This will force the interviewer to think that you are enthusiastic about this job, and they will take that as a positive thing. Practice how you speak in front of a mirror or in front of your friends before the actual job interview.


Whatever position you desire in a company, you should always have some kind of background or experience regarding the position. It is impossible to get a job without any experience in it. If you don’t have a relevant educational background, you should at least have done some work related to the position that you’re going for. For example, if your background is Information Technology, but you’re going for a Marketing position, maybe you should consider interning in that position first or do freelance work as a salesperson.


The first impression that you give to your interviewer will matter a lot, and it usually comes from how you dress. It is not required to dress formally, but a semi-formal attire should be best for interviews. For men, make sure you have a shirt and tie on with a pantsuit and proper shoes. For women, wearing heels is a must and don’t wear anything too sexy or flashy. Minimum make up should be worn and don’t over-accessorize.

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