Mobile Apps to Help You Get A Job

In this digital era, people are finding new ways to put themselves out there for HR recruiters to see. The internet provides a bigger platform for those who are looking to make a living. All they have to do is open their laptops and find an internet connection. Applying for jobs is just one click away. If you’re not familiar with how much the internet is offering for those of us who are unemployed and looking for a job, here are a few applications that can help you.


LinkedIn is responsible for over ten thousand job matches from all over the world. In LinkedIn, you can create a curriculum vitae for the world to see. You can also share your professional thoughts and ideas for people to see. Also, it is almost a must to provide your LinkedIn URL in your actual curriculum vitae. You can give a more detailed description of your experiences because it can be minimized and you won’t seem like you have an essay on your CV. There is also a search tool for job opportunities and internship opportunities in LinkedIn. You can search for the company you want to work for and see the available positions, and companies can search a specific skill and area and the people that fulfill those requirements will automatically pop up.


This is the most underrated website. Canva is a graphic design website that has thousands of templates for presentations, posters, notes, and even curriculum vitae. You can create an impressive curriculum vitae, or a power point presentation. All you have to do is register your account and look for the templates that are available. You can tweak the fonts and design to make it your own. Another benefit is that almost fifty percent of the templates are free, so you don’t have to pay to use these designs. This is perfect for college students who don’t have the money to invest in fancy designs from actual designers.

Social media

Everyone has at least one social media nowadays, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anything. And social media can also help you find a job, because most companies now have social media platforms and they will post about job openings as well. More and more people are also using their social media platforms as portfolios, especially photographers and designers. They usually have a separate account for their portfolio, and another account that is more personal to them.